This section in a xPDK extends from xPDK_Header, so we will only describe the fields that are added with respect to the normal header.

This BB information contains the typical shared data between software: This information is needed in schematic design and circuit simulation as well as in layout.

This scope is therefore fairly broad and future extensions are likely to capture more information. The current common fields provide for a rich design kit already compared to other formats, while adressing different software.
Vendor extensions are supported in this section, so software specific details are possible therefore to tune behavior.


The schema file can be downloaded or viewed: xPDK_BB. It needs the xPDK_Base also, which is referenced via the http-link in the file.


Define basic technology info.

The technology file contains the xsection information which is needed in the port to make sure the references are correct. To get this information, you can include a full technology file or just query the data using xsltproc and keep the (xs:include expanded) meta data file short.
full file

 <!-- Full tech file -->
 <xi:include href="xPDK_Layout.xml"/>

Technology file → summary

You can run the following to summarize a technology file for the (embedded or xs:include'd) xsection list.
xsltproc --xinclude xPDK_xsection_list.xsl xPDK_Layout.xml
This should give the following output:
full file
<pda:xsection xmlns:pda="http://pdaflow.org/ns/xPDK" pda:name="WGbase"/>
<pda:xsection xmlns:pda="http://pdaflow.org/ns/xPDK" pda:name="WG"/>
<pda:xsection xmlns:pda="http://pdaflow.org/ns/xPDK" pda:name="Doc"/>
<pda:xsection xmlns:pda="http://pdaflow.org/ns/xPDK" pda:name="DocGds"/>

The XSLT file can be downloaded: xPDK_xsection_list.xsl.