Define OA-Tech ID.
The OA Tech file needs to have unique numbers that are PDK version constant for design migration. The default behavior is use to use for layer definitions 65536*gds_number+gds_datatype and for the xsection the value 10000+N with N being the index in the xsection list.
Those values are very likely to be unique per PDK, but the xsection numbers are unlikely to be PDK version constant (adding or removing xsection's will fail this).
You can overrule the Tech ID with this field; the range is 256-10000 to avoid overlapping the default range. The number is free within this range, but as guideline:


This element is simple - it does not have attributes or elements. The text that fills up the ... is value used.

<techLayerID> ... </techLayerID>


The schema file can be downloaded or viewed at xPDK_OptoCompiler.