Define a list of port/mode combinations.


This element does not have attributes. The elements are shown below, in a sorted per type fashion.
In case a list is printed after an element, it indicates that you can have many, otherwise it should be a single element. With a optional it tells the element is not required.

<portmode> ...
current> ... </current>   list
  <optical> ... </optical>   list
  <voltage> ... </voltage>   list


The schema file can be downloaded or viewed at xPDK_Simulation.



Define a port to have an electrical signal, which is current driven. Type pdaPortModeCurrent documentation: Define an electrical current driven port.


Define a port + signal/mode name - typical TE or TM, but you can can use other signal names if those make more sense, for example for multi-mode or more full-vectorial ports. Type pdaPortModeOptical documentation: Define an optical port/mode. This will have optical mode name in it.


Define a port to have an electrical signal, which is voltage driven. Type pdaPortModeVoltage documentation: Define an electrical voltage driven port.