With the optional attribute min you can give a value for the minimum also. This can be used in BB design or parameter.
If min is set, then OptoDesigner will also validate curves against this value - so the "logical" value rather (per-se) the geometrical value as due to grid/map you may have different values for that.
If this is not intended, use useDrc="false" as attribute.


This element does not have elements. The attributes are shown below, in a sorted per type fashion.

<mcsSetWidth  min="..."  useDrc="..." ... > ... </mcsSetWidth>


The schema file can be downloaded or viewed at xPDK_Base.



Type pdaExpression documentation: Define an expression.

Expression need to be commonly evaluated by many software, so having a restricted set of math / types and so on is key. In PDAFlow lib2/expr there is a yacc/lex parser available with some unit support as well as double / complex expressions. An alternative is tinyexpr, but this is more restrictive, so may be very unhandy for things like waveguide model expressions.