An optional attribute is type which can have one of the following values: passive, active, doc, misc, metal, metalalt, metalrouting, metal1, metal2, metal3, metal4, metal5, metal6, metal7, metal8, metal9, rf, rf_gsg, rf_gssg, rf_s, rf_g.
Metal1-9 are for multi-layer metal, with '1' being closes to the photonics; moving up to higher numbers is typically done with VIA's.


This element does not have elements. The attributes are shown below, in a sorted per type fashion.

<purpose  type="..." ... > ... </purpose>


The schema file can be downloaded or viewed at xPDK_Base.



the type (passive, active). It is primarily intended for documentation and allows to validate modelling constraints; for example metal will not have optical modes. Type pdaLayerPurposeType documentation: