This field provides for optional global parameters and attributes. Inside the globals you can define global variables with an
expression, type and unit.


This element does not have attributes. The elements are shown below, in a sorted per type fashion.
In case a list is printed after an element, it indicates that you can have many, otherwise it should be a single element. With a optional it tells the element is not required.

<pdaGlobals> ...
  <attribute> ... </attribute>   list
  <global> ... </global>   list


The schema file can be downloaded or viewed at xPDK_Base.



Type pdaAttributeType documentation: Attributes are key/value pairs to annotate building blocks and views with information that is likely to be software specific. So it is more a 'flag' then a value. The value is just a string and not something with an expression in it.


Type pdaNamedValue documentation: Create a named value with expression / type support.