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In case a list is printed after an element, it indicates that you can have many, otherwise it should be a single element. With a optional it tells the element is not required.

<pdaCMSgridToLayer> ...
layer> ... </layer>   list
  <map> ... </map>   list


The schema file can be downloaded or viewed at xPDK_Base.



This defines a mapping from the xsection to a new (gds) layer. It will use colors from the xsection and may have a name, however you can not use it in derived layers or DRC without giving it a name. Without name is therefore mostly handy for simple definitions. Type pdaGDSlayer documentation: The typical GDS type of thing, but including some coloring etc. In addition to the basic layer info, there is typical design rule definitions (min/max width, space etc) and derived layers (grow, size, not, xor, ...).

Basic definition

full file

<layer name="layer1">
   <purpose>Waveguide layer</purpose>
   <color R="10" G="20" B="30"/>
    <!-- Show extension -->


This defines a mapping from the xsection to a globally defined (gds) layer. Type pdaMCSgridToLayerItem documentation: The conversion from xsection to gdslayer is a key aspect. It is handled in this section where many map's can be defined.
Each mapping adds a possibly modified copy using the widening or lengthening of the data to the respective gdslayer.