xPDK GDS Layer - single layer operations

Single layer "derived"

For general comments - please refer to multi layer operations.
Some “single layer derived” layers are shown here.
full file

<layer name="layer1">
   <purpose>Waveguide layer</purpose>
   <color R="10" G="20" B="30"/>

<layer name="layer2">
  <purpose>Deeper and deeper</purpose>
   <!-- not making sense, just to show the setuip  -->
    <layerSize extentSize="2.0" A="layer1">
    <layerGrow growSize="2.0" A="layer1">
    <layerShrink shrinkSize="2.0" A="layer1">
Here the layerGrow, layerSize and layerShrink fill up content in this layer from another one. The A-reference should be to a GDS layer.


The doc can be a reasonable text (many paragraphs) to document the layer operations in more detail. This is often helpful to give an idea of the layer logic, in particular when complex DRC rules are defined. Your colleques will be happy if it is easy to follow what happens.